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Adyakshar (the first letter) Labs, a Center of Excellence for Digital Innovation & Transformation, offers end-to-end custom solutions and interactive training sessions in emerging deep tech domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine & Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Cloud Computing, Big Data analytics, Internet of Things, Blockchain, RPA, Digital & Analog VLSI IC design, EDA software, CAD methodologies and Full Stack Mobile & Web Applications.
About Us

Team Adyakshar has got a successful track record of solving critical problems for clients in application verticals such as precision farming, fintech, digital health, hrtech with AI and Data Science/Analytics custom solutions rangings from conversation AI to risk management and from medical imaging to predictive analytics

Technology Innovations

Disruptive digital innovation & transformation solutions powered by AI/ML, NLP, Big Data & IoT, Digital & Analog VLSI IC Design, EDA & CAD, Blockchain and Full Stack.

Advanced Training

A platform for IT professionals and students to upskill themselves with emerging

End2End IT Solutions

Full cycle IT solutions for clients in fintech, healthtech, agtech, edtech, e-commerce and automation.

Strategic Business

Data analytics driven domain research, market analysis and strategic biz-rev planning.

Solutions & Training

Team Adyakshar has got a successful track record of solving critical problems for clients in application verticals such as precision farming, fintech, digital health, hrtech with AI and Data Science/Analytics custom solutions rangings from conversation AI to risk management and from medical imaging to predictive analytics.


• PyTorch, TF, Keras, Scikit, H2O, ONNX, Caffe2
• Conv. AI, RASA, BERT, GPT-3, OCR,
• Bioinformatics, BioPython, Genomics, Image
• AI Training & Inferencing IC's, DLA, NPU

VLSI IC Design

• Custom, Memory, Digital/Analog, RF, Std. Cell
• CPU/SOC/ASIC, RTL, Func/Formal Verification
• Synthesis, PD (RTL2GDS-II), Sign off
• Timing & Power, LPD, Process corners

EDA Software & CAD Flows

• Vendor SW (Synopsys, Cadence, Mentor)
• FE: RTL, Func/Formal/AMS, Ckt Sim, Synth
• BE: FP, P&R, CTS, ParExt, STA, Power, LVS/DRC
• Math/Stat optim, C/C++, Perl, Python, TCL

IOT & Embedded

• Sensors, Actuators, Firmware, RF, Drone
• FPGA & Ucontrollers, Connection protocols
• IIOT, IOE, Cloud, AI/ML, Data Mining
• Edge, Streaming Analytics, Data Security

Full Stack Mobile & Web

• UI/UX/CX, PWA, Hybrid, Native, Android/IOS
• Ionic, React(Native), Angular, Vue, TS, Flutter
• API, BE, GoLang, Node, PHP, Rust
• MySQL, Postgre, NoSQL, Firebase, GraphDB

Cloud Computing & Big Data

• Hybrid, Azure, AWS, GCP, Data Lake, ETL
• Microservices, Docker, Kubernetes, KubeFlow
• Scala, Ruby, Java, Python, Apache Hadoop



Mike Fister

High Tech Entrrepreneur

Adyakshar Labs is an example of how a successful start-up is made. Their work-ethic, their enthusiasm and their ability to deliver on-time is commendable. I see a bright future for them.

Dr. P. Sah

Senior Physician, Andrologist

Adyakshar Labs is a bright example when it comes to socially responsible start-ups. Their initiative to incubate cutting edge technologies to solve real world problems in healthcare is truly revolutionary.

Dr. D. Nag

Agricultural Scientist & Ex-Dir, ICAR

Adyakshar Labs has helped countless students and academicians develop much needed industry-ready skills. This is truly great. The global economy needs more start-ups like Adyakshar Labs.

Dolly Mandola

Full-Stack Developer

Working with Adyakshar Labs in delivering commercial products has helped me gain valuable industry experience. This was of immense help to me in securing high tech jobs in the IT industry.

Dr. Pratik Dutta

Postdoctoral Researcher, Stony Brook University

The R&D done in Adyakshar Labs and its subsequent implementaion in the digital revolution is truly impactful on a global scale. Their lab to client model is rather innovative and impactful.


AI/ML Consultant

I have never seen a start-up work so closely with clients, students, industry professionals and researchers alike. Such ground-breaking work will be beneficial in incubating new talent and technologies.

Dr. Dave Roy

Professor, Molecular Biology & Oncology, USA

Adyakshar Labs was worth a fortune to my start-up. Worth the investment. I couldn't have asked for more than this. Adyakshar Labs is the next killer venture.

Dr Aloke Guha

Senior Physician and Wellness Consultant

Adyakshar Labs is the most valuable business resource we have EVER seen. From Digital Health to HR tech- these guys are experts and know what they are doing.

Success Stories

NLP Powered Chatbot Platforms

Adyakshar Labs is an industry leader when it comes to chatbot solutions. We have extensive experience in developing and deploying chatbots across a wide range of platforms for clients in fintech, digital health, agtech, edtech etc. Our record of successfully deploying solutions and maintaining knowledge bases has been lauded by clients and experts alike.

AI Powered Smart Solutions

With a qualified team comprised of students interns, professionals, industry professionals and researchers, Team Adyakshar has created and deployed smart solutions for personalized wellness, healthtech, fintech etc. We are currently the market leaders in AI solutions and consultancy, having solutions already deployed in several commercial projects.

Advanced Training

We offer training in several verticals, including AI/ML/DL, Full Stack and Computer Vision. We offer courses and training at an enterprise level for experienced IT professionals, as well as to students and provide STEM training to high school students. As a socially responsible start-up, we also provide internships and free training to promising students.

IoT, Cloud & Embedded Solutions

Adyakshar Labs invests in and works on cutting edge R&D in embedded systems and Cloud based IoT based technologies. We frequently collaborate with universities, government institutions, as well as the private sector, in a "lab to client" model. Our technologies have been incubated and put to commercial use by clients in agtech, healthtech, wearables, IIoT, etc.

Cloud & Big Data Solutions

We engage in R&D in Cloud based Big Data and Analytics solutions. We have an impressive track-record of deploying custom, scalable, easy to use solutions for our clients. The glowing testimonials from our satisfied clients in automotives, healthcare, law enforcement, etc. speak volumes about our capabilities and quality solutions.

VLSI IC & EDA Solutions

Our state-of-the-art engineering R&D team managed by world class leaders with experiences of delivering complex turnkey projecs in VLSI IC Design and EDA/CAD help midsize/startup ventures in chip design, EDA/CAD tools, Verification, Power/Timing optimization, IoT and Embedded projects.

Full Stack Enterprise Applications

Our experience in Full Stack Enterprise Solutions is something that we are proud of. We have developed websites, Android Applications, iOS, Hybrid apps in custom, scalable and easy to use and maintain modules. Our approach to solving real-world problems in an affordable, tiered cost structure has helped countless businesses gain a competetive edge.